Paradise with shinning rainbow, A “home” where you find the sense of belonging

Julian, has a handsome and sharp style short haircut. When speak with her, you feel a flow of energy comes toward you constantly, but when she starts talking about Esha, The iconic pub, the endless tender lays under her eyes. Esha is literary like her child and also a piece of treasure common memory for all lesbian ladies at 90'.

Esha means “She” in Latin, which addresses the spirit of ESHA in one word, a place for all lesbian to feel free. The funder of Esha, Julian recalls that Esha was the 1st night club of all current lesbian friendly pubs, even all the waiters/waitresses are all from lesbian community. No matter who you are, you can always hold your love to drink and dance freely and safely in this girl’s bar. Esha becomes very famous under words of mouths, the queue to enter always last 3 to 4 meter long on every Friday and Saturday, a real hot place at the time. According to Julian, the reason to start Esha is pretty simple : she wants to provide a place to let all lesbian who loves drinking and dancing without restrictions and mental burden. Knowing that before Esha, when lesbian ladies want to have few drinks and moves, either to the heterosexual club, where you need to hide yourself, no kissing, no hugs and at the meantime to avoid harassment from male, or the Lesbian Karaoke, where you can only sing and drink and if you want to really hit the roof, you’d need to spend more money to hire bargirl to rock with.

And in Esha, you can drink all you can with your entry ticket, you can absolutely get high without bargirl, and to top it off, this is a great place to allow the dancing enthusiast to show all they got on the floor of 300 square meters space and in front more than 300 people. All guests can find their own joy and happiness.

Julian makes a pause here when recalling the scene, her adolescence is just like most of the lesbian ladies, bears a sentimental heart that eagers recognition.

Therefore, she started the ESHA night club to allow these lonely souls can rest in a place where they can find the recognition during quiet night. Esha isn’t like any other clubs with neon glamour and the cheap prettiness, it keeps the low profile with infinite warmness and understanding for all it’s guests like safe harbor.