Binders are the key accessoriesthat make you feel fortable and confident.

Esha's Binders, the brand is founded by Mrs, Zhu who has a neat short hair with a smiley face on, feels like just a big boy. He said that" starting Esha's Binders is because knowing that there is potential markets for binders.Mrs, Zhu first opened Esha Night Club in 2002, then established the binder's brand to keep the Esha's spirit expands.Esha, meaning "she" in Latin, is where lesbians find identity and recognition.Without knowing any skill in textile or even pattern making, she leaned on the passion to it and for five months of research, she joined in the binders' field, just to open up alternatives for lesbians in good shape.Mrs, Zhu did everything on her own , from finding experts in pattern making, examining package to delivery.She reminded of the pain yet cheerful moments, as like giving birth to a baby in that heavy but exciting feelings.In 2005, Esha's Binders began to sell online, and sales were in boost by clicks.Mrs, Zhu was telling the past stories full of excitement. Esha grew stronger through many experiences and became stably growing in late phase. Esha became the pioneer in Shanghai, China, offering group of lesbians to enjoy airy and sweat -proof binder. She highlighted that "the customers in China has high demand for above five pieces in everyone. Esha must work hard for bringing the best."We design products based on the customers in order to get close to them. What binders mean to Mrs, Zhu is not the whole of being lesbians, but an accessory that will make you shine.

Here are Our Voices

We are lesbians who pay attention to Women Rights.We are lesbians who try to look more confident in ourselves.For binders to us is like wearing necklace, ring, or any accessories to dress up for a better look.Binders do not mean the whole of you, but to make you glow and confident.You do not have to wear it in every moment. You wear it when you feel like to.We are willing to make you better.Esha is a home for belonging where you do not worry about discrepancy. Esha will always keep our arms open, to huge and to know you, if you ever lost.Esha will always be the harbor for anyone of you after heartbreaking or chasing after dreams.

Esha sticks to what Esha is.