Goods Return/Exchange Policy:

1.The merchandise can be exchanged within 15 days from the date of purchase.

2.All merchandise has to be in new, unwashed and unused with original packaging to be eligible for exchange.

3.Please notify us by e-mail or phone before you return the good(s). Meanwhile, print out the Exchange Form from Fill out the form and send it along with the return good(s). A handling fee of USD30 will be charged per exchange.

4.The price of new item(s) for exchange shall be equal or higher than the purchased one(s). The amount of balance, the freight and the handling fee shall be paid by the customer via Paypal to us in advance of sending the exchange good(s).

5.If the customer wants to return the good(s), a handling fee of 30% will be required.


*Before you'd like to return, we would like to suggest you to check again for the size by following the steps below,

1.Please wear the binder and adjust it to the most comfortable position without feeling suffocated.

2.Now, please look at the two pieces of Velcro. Does the top layer (rough one) is in the middle of the bottom layer ( smooth one )?

3.If it's in position as mentioned at point 2,then it's the correct size for you.


Please note that the S is 2cm smaller than M and M is 2 cm smaller than L when you separate the Velcro and lay open the binder as one single piece. In other words, M to L to XL = 2cm -> 2cm -> 2cm, therefore, M to XL is 2cm + 2cm = 4cm wider. ( from left hand to right hand "long" , not from head to feet "long" ) If you found the binder is indeed too small for you, we could accept the exchange. 

Please provide the following info as confirmation via e-mail to us first. If you can't print out the sheet, you may write a similar form by hand as below, 

* The exchange freight will be at customer's charge. If any further questions, kindly send us an e-mail to Thank you!

Furthermore, please include the items below when you send the goods for exchange to us,

1.The item to be exchanged

2.After-sales card

3.The additional note/e-mail printed mentioned above


Esha’s Postal address,

Esha Girl's Wear

Address:2F, No.451-1 , Guaungfu SRD , Sinyi District , Taipei City 110 , Taiwan (R.O.C)